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ReadyPlug Mini Projectors

Ready plug mini projectors are perfect for those who love using gpx mini projectors as their visible projector. These projectors come with a 3. 5mm audio cable that can be used in place of the standard audio cable for your gpx mini projectors. The ready plug mini projectors also come with an aux in that can be used in place of the standard aux in on your gpx mini projectors.

Free Shipping ReadyPlug Mini Projectors

Looking for a ready-made audio cable for your gpx mini projector? look no further than ready plug's 3. 5mm audio cable for gpx mini projector pj808b. This cable offers excellent performance for connecting your device's audio to your tv or monitor. Plus, it comes with a line in jack and aux jack for easy usage.
readyplug mini projectors are perfect for charging your gpx mini pocket projector. When you are looking for an easy way to show your audience what you are showing, then these projectors are perfect. They come with a usb cable for charging and make having a mini projector as a projectorshell easy.
readyplug is a mini projector that uses usb charging cable to turn your gpx into a ready to use projector. It comes with a wall-mountable cable and wall-chargeable battery. The readyplug is easy to set up and is ready to use with a single touch from your phone or computer.